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If you are interested in discovering the best DNA kits for 2019, then you should consider looking at our selection below. We have concluded our research with a selection of the top 3 best home genetic DNA test for 2019. We continue to update our selection each week.

Our Top 3 Best DNA Kits 2019

Largest family tree service
Comprehensive genealogy results
Large database
Cheapest options
Family tree features
Industry pioneer
Clients are satisfied
Most comprehensive results
Both fitness and ancestry
Largest database
Accurate estimates of ethnicity
Family tree tools
Free document library
Allows you to opt out of data storage
10M+ Users

How do I get more information of top genetic home testing companies?

You are more than welcomed to read our comprehensive DNA kit reviews below. Each review consists of the most basic data, a company’s background, a detailed explanation of the offering and the results you will be getting – and, essentially all the information you will need in order to conclude which is the best home DNA kit for you for 2019. If you have additional questions find our contact form on our about us page. We are welcoming you to delve deeper and deeper and discover the wonderful world of DNA testing.


Top 10 DNA Kits – Best DNA Kit Reviews

FamilyTreeDNA Review

FamilyTreeDNA was the first in ancestral DNA testing, and their product line reflects that. They offer a number of DNA test kits, separated by autosomal DNA, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), and Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA). Each of these tests has different levels, which test more sites and increase the specificity of the results. The company’s platform offers […]


24Genetics Review

24Genetics is a company offering a variety of direct-to-consumer genetic tests. With this company, you can test your genetics and get reports in a variety of different categories, from drug interactions to your athletic traits. These tests are supported by a varied set of scientific data, some of which the company shares on its website. […]


LivingDNA Review

LivingDNA is a company founded in part to help the world with genetic testing. Founded in the UK, the company has established initiatives to educate students on genetic ancestry and create a worldwide family tree. The company’s DNA test kit claims to be one of the most specific in the game. Unlike many other companies, […]


23andMe Review

23andMe is perhaps the most recognizable name in the home DNA tests industry. The company, named after the 23 chromosome pairs in humans, essentially founded the direct-to-consumer-genetic-tests when it was opened shop some 12 years ago. The company, serving clients in the USA, Canada and the UK, among others, boasts an astonishing number of 5m […]


MyHeritage Review

MyHeritage has generated a solid reputation in the Ancestry Discovery industry, boasting one of the largest databases of family-tree related documents in the world.Although they only started offering DNA testing in 2016, their tests are one of the most comprehensive for ancestry and genealogy information. Competing with the likes of or 23andMe and other […]

0 comments Review, hereto simply Ancestry, is a company based out of Utah which specializes in historical genealogical research. Initially only a website for family tree construction and research, the company first offered its AncestryDNA testing kit in 2012. Since that time, the platform has had over 6 million people use their testing kits, and many more […]


Genebase Review

 Genebase Systems is a company out of Canada, founded in 2005. While they and their partners started in paternity testing and court-related genetic matching, the company has expanded into the direct-to-consumer genetic testing market. The company uses advanced fluorescent probe technology to sequence and analyze DNA, and processes all samples twice for redundancy. They offer […]


National Geographic’s Geno 2.0 Review

The National Geographic’s Project Genographic has recently rolled out the second version of its direct-to-consumer DNA test kit, Geno 2.0. This kit is focused heavily on deep ancestry, and is backed by research gold-stamped by National Geographic themselves. The results will detail your deep genetic heritage, starting from the first migrations out of Africa. The […]


Veritas Genetics Review

Veritas Genetics is one of the only companies which offers whole-genome sequencing. Other companies test small markers in your DNA, either SNPs or STRs. With Veritas Genetics, every nucleotide is sequenced, down to the last A, T, G, or C. Though their genetic testing services are more expensive than others, they provide some of the […]


International Biosciences Review

International Biosciences is a DNA testing company based out of the United Kingdom. The company opened in 2005, providing some of the first at-home paternity tests to Europe. The company has since expanded into a number of other areas, including genetic health screenings, clinical tests, genetic lifestyle analysis, and even dog DNA analysis. The company […]


Uses of DNA Test Kits

Before you jump into DNA testing, or deciding which is the best DNA test kit for your needs, you should know what you want to be analyzed. The most common use of DNA testing in the past is Paternity Testing, which is simply a comparison of two sets of DNA to see if they match. These tests are regularly used by courts to determine the legal status of minors. Many companies provide paternity or other relationship testing services. More recently, DNA testing has started to compare your genes to aggregated genetic data. This method allows researchers to find correlations between genes and certain outcomes.

There are several main options, such as health and lifestyle testing or carrier status testing. Other tests can analyze genetic factors which are related to certain health risks. Some tests analyze how your genetic variants contribute to your skin health. Some companies offer genetic analysis related to nutrition, which is a comparison of your genes to data on how genetics may affect things like digestion and taste preferences.

With ancestry testing, users are wanting to look at their genes for clues about their family history. Because your DNA is passed down to your from your mother and father, certain gene variants can be tracked to various global populations. Different DNA test kits compare your mitochondrial DNA or Y-chromosome DNA to several different haplotypes, or deep genetic relationships stemming back to human origins in Africa.

Every company offers a unique selection of products focused on certain areas, and each test is specific and unique in its analysis. Remember that in each category, not all tests are created equally. Competing companies compare their results to different test populations and base their results on various research they have uncovered. As the world of DNA testing evolves, so will the uses of DNA test kits and the scientific support they have. 

Discovering the best DNA test kit requires extensive research geared towards all possible uses of a home test kit – and this is exactly what we have been inspiring to achieve. Earl Jeffery, Editor, CompareDNAKits

Why do we think these are the best DNA kit providers?

– How Do You Choose the Best DNA Test Kit?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best DNA test kit. The most important to focus on is your purpose for doing the testing. If you are researching your ancestry, certain companies are better than others. The best DNA kits are those that analyze the genome for the information you are looking for.

– Types of Genetic Testing

There are several types of genetic testing, and to choose the best DNA test for you some research must be done. Different companies offer a variety of different genetic analysis, on subjects like Ancestry, Health and Lifestyle, Carrier Status, and many other traits and correlations.

– Ancestry Testing

Ancestry testing is for those people looking to understand what their DNA can tell them about their family history. If you are looking for the best DNA kits for ancestry, you should consider several factors. In ancestry testing, there are 3 basic testing options. In testing autosomal chromosomes, the laboratory will be able to determine which regional genetics you are most similar to. Labs can also test your mitochondrial DNA and Y-DNA and analyze your maternal and paternal haplotypes, respectively. These portions of DNA can be traced in lines back to the dawn of human history. The best DNA test kits for ancestry will measure all three of these portions.

– Health and Lifestyle

In choosing the best DNA kits for health and lifestyle information, a similar rule applies. Choose a test with results you are interested in learning about. Many of the health and lifestyle results are based on correlations found between carriers of a gene variant and certain health outcomes. This can be anything from how your genes may predispose you to getting diabetes or cancer, to how your body deals with caffeine. The best DNA test for you is the one that analyzes the questions you are curious about. But, understand going in that not all tests are backed by the same evidence, and some are based on very weak correlations.

– Carrier Status

Many companies also offer information on carrier status, which will analyze if you have any known genetic conditions which you could pass on to your potential children. Many genetic disorders are recessive, meaning the carrier does not show any symptoms, or the disease has a late onset in life like Huntington’s disorder. The best DNA test kit for carrier status largely depends on what you are worried about. If you have a family history for a certain disorder, you may want to get tested. Further, many companies offer large panels of tests which cover a broad spectrum of even more rare disorders.

– Other DNA Test Kits

Are you a genetic nerd? Do you want to dive even deeper into how your genetics affect you? If so, the best DNA test kit for you might be something else. Companies now offer genetic testing and analysis on a wide variety of correlations, from genetic wine pairings to tests for genes related to infidelity. If you want, you can even get your dog’s DNA tested. The best DNA kits in this category largely depend on your preferences. But, because many of these tests are not “mainstream” there may only be a few companies with offerings.

– Information Privacy!

The second most important thing to consider is how important you consider the privacy and security of your DNA. Most genetic testing companies are not only making money trying to sell the best DNA test kit but are also making money on the back end when they sell aggregate data to other companies. These companies, such as pharmaceutical companies doing research, do not get access to your name but do get to see your unique genetic sequence. Some companies offer to pay you when researchers use your data. Others avoid this practice altogether, but may be more costly. The best DNA test kit for you is the one that uses your data the way you want it to be used.

Concluding words on choosing the top DNA kits for 2019

Choosing the best DNA kit for our readers wasn’t an easy thing. After all, the vast majority of DNA home test companies are reliable and provide a solid response. None of the DNA kits is a scam. On the other hand, there is limited data – the oldest company in the business has been offering home DNA test kits for just 10 years… and over those 10 years technology has vastly improved. Hence, it’s hard to say conclusively who offers more accurate tests than others. When it comes to pricing – it’s the same situation. How do you weigh a $79 dollar test that tests X things for Y purpose against a $99 dollar testing designated for Z purposes testing L variants?

Deciding on the best DNA home test kits for 2019 has proved to be a taxing task also in the regard of user satisfaction; some companies don’t boast any online client reviews, while others have a big mix of opinions. In fact the best rated company, being 23andMe (which is also our top choice) has only user satisfaction of 80% (4/5 stars) while others have less than that. To really learn the ins and the outs of each company we delved into great depth and read the client reviews. Each of our editorial reviews contains a detailed summary of the array of feedback that made us choose whether to include or not include the company in our list of the best DNA home test kits for 2019.